Alexander Skarsgård's 'The Northman' Booty Includes a Bloody G-String

"Covered in blood, it's framed on my wall, over my bed"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 22, 2022

Robert Eggers' Viking epic The Northman sails into theatres today, and as such, film stars Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgård — who play Queen Gudrún and the vengeful Amleth, respectively — have been servicing the press circuit, sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits and being generally charismatic for the camera.

In a TwitterMovies Q&A featuring the two actors, Skarsgård and Kidman revealed the booty they claimed from the bountiful Iceland/Ireland-based sets, including the Viking sword wielded in Amleth's final battle, which went to Kidman — and an item of slightly less decorum, which went to Skarsgård.

"I was given the sword, but I couldn't take it home on the plane," Kidman explained in a clip. "They had to send it to me, you can't take a huge Viking sword on the plane! They got it to me."

Skarsgård countered: "I got a bloody g-string, a thong. That's how much they like me. Covered in blood, it's framed on my wall, over my bed. So thanks, guys!"

The pair also shared that they're hoping they get a chance to act alongside each other again someday, having famously portrayed a husband and wife on David E. Kelley's murder-mystery series Big Little Lies, and now, as a mother and son in Eggers' epic. (For the record, they count just nine years difference in age, with Kidman being the elder of the two.)

"I'll be his wife, his mother, his sister. That's what I'd like to do," said Kidman.

"Maybe let's find a project in which we don't kill each other or try to kill each other. It's incredibly dysfunctional," Skarsgård said, joking that they should do a rom-com one day. "One of those where on the poster we're leaning up against each other, like 'this gal!'"

See the full thread here, watch a clip from the interview below, and keep scrolling to see a video in which Stephen Colbert presents a photo of the thong in question.

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