Rammstein to Release Box Set - with Six Dildos

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 23, 2009

It's a well-known fact that, with CD sales plummeting, bands need to go the extra mile to ensure that fans actually purchase their new albums. This has taken the form of everything from pay-what-you-want Internet downloads to cutting fans a share of album profits. And in the case of German metal band Rammstein, this means releasing dildos modelled after the band members' own, uh, members.

Rammstein's new album Liebe ist für alle da was released earlier this month, but a press release has gone out informing us that the band will soon be releasing a special edition of the record. It comes in a metal case and includes five B-sides, as well as six dildos, each of which correspond to a member of the band. Just to ensure these dildos are put to good use, the box set also includes a bottle of lube and industrial-strength handcuffs.

If this all sounds like your sort of, um, thing, you can order the box set here via What Records.

A big thanks to Buddyhead for the heads-up.

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