Chelsea Peretti Has Made a Concept Album About Coffee

She's promoting it with two full EPs, also about coffee

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 21, 2020

Oh, you think you love the morning coffee that you're sipping right now? Think you're a true brew head? Your obsession with the frothy broth has nothing on Chelsea Peretti, who has just recorded an uncountable number of songs about that sweet bean tea. 

Yes, eight years beyond her viral hit "Coffee Crankin' Thru My Sys," Peretti has penned many, many more odes to havin' a java. In fact, she's made a full album's worth of coffee tunes. 

The album itself won't arrive until June, but she's announced the project today with a five-song EP called Foam and Flotsam. The release has arrived along with two music videos. "OATMILK" was directed by Numa Perrier, while "LATE" was directed by Peretti and Rick Page and features Reggie Watts, John Early and Joel Kim Booster.

Stream Foam and Flotsam and its two accompanying music videos below, and look for plenty more Peretti coffee content throughout the year. 

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