Zoon Hints at New OMBIIGIZI Album in Pinegrove Shuffle Video

The follow-up to 2022's 'Sewn Back Together' is in the works

Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 29, 2023

Earlier this month, we reported on TikTok's new favourite "dance" "challenge," the Pinegrove Shuffle — supposedly the brainchild of user @GarrettLee39 — which led to the New Jersey band re-releasing the song as a single in four different versions. Now, the viral craze has shed light on another potential batch of new music.

Zoon's Daniel Monkman is the trend's latest (and, as far as we've witnessed, only Canadian) participant, and they've given us not only a visual treat in the arm-flapping dance to the Everything So Far cut, but also an update on the next release from OMBIIGIZI (their project with Status/Non-Status's Adam Sturgeon), the much-anticipated follow-up to 2022's debut, Sewn Back Together.

Monkman hasn't offered much else in the way of details (or at least any we don't already know), just that they're on day three of recording the sophomore effort.

Their debut found the band nominated for the 2022 Polaris Music Prize, and teaming up with the production team of Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene and Nyles Spencer at the Bathouse Studio. 

Check out Monkman's "Need 2" flap below.
@zoongideewin #pinegroveshuffle #ojibway #beadwork ♬ Need 2 - Pinegrove

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