Pinegrove to Continue on a "More Casual Basis" After Drummer Zack Levine's Departure

"Pinegrove is not over, but it seems this era is"

Photo: Balarama Heller

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 27, 2023

Pinegrove co-founding drummer Zack Levine has announced his departure from the band, which will henceforth exist "on a more casual basis than you may have come to expect."

While this isn't the end of Pinegrove, according to co-founder Evan Stephens Hall, the future is uncertain — except in that the band will not be continuing to perform full-time after a lot of touring in 2022 behind most recent album 11:11.

"Some changes are afoot in pineland," Hall explained in a statement posted to Instagram. "Pinegrove is not over, but it seems this era is."

He continued, "There's still a fair amount of studio stuff we're working on & at some point soon we'll release some of it. But for now, pg will be on a more casual basis than you may have come to expect. I might do solo performances here & there. But we have no plans to perform as a band right now."

The remaining members of Pinegrove seem to be taking the opportunity of Levine leaving to focus more on their other pursuits: Hall will be studying English at grad school starting this fall, Megan Benavente is working on new material for her band Chuck, as well as at a LGBTQ youth centre, and Sam Skinner is making the transition into working full-time in the studio as a producer, mixer and recording engineer.

See the post from the band below.

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