Winnipeg's Virgo Rising Announce Sophomore EP 'Vampyre Year,' Share "Nail Biter"

It's the long-awaited follow up to 2021's 'Sixteenth Sapphire'

Photo: Sean Henderson

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 23, 2023

Exclaim! New Faves alumni Virgo Rising hath risen. The Winnipeg outfit released their first EP, Sixteenth Sapphire, back in 2021 — and today, they've announced its long-awaited follow-up.

Produced by Adam Fuhr, Vampyre Year will have its dawn on October 13 via House of Wonders Records. With the addition of percussionist Isaac Tate, the trio of Emily Sinclair, Lauren Wittmann and Jenna Wittmann made the bold decision — fuelled by equal parts egalitarianism and perfection —  to allow each member of the band to have final say in every aspect of the follow-up record.

They weren't satisfied with the idea of trying to recreate their first EP, and the process of finding a new sound took years. We're getting our first taste of their sonic evolution with Vampyre Year's lead single, "Nail Biter" — a dreamy alt-folk number featuring Boy Golden on banjo.

"'Nail Biter' is about being a child and the painful experience of learning the ones you love are capable of hurting you," lead singer Sinclair explained in a press release. Tate added, "This was the first song we recorded for Vampyre Year. It became the guiding light for how we wanted the rest of the EP to sound and feel."

Listen to "Nail Biter" below, where you'll also find the EP tracklist.

Vampyre Year:

1. Shoes
2. Tristan
3. Vampyre Year
4. Charon
5. Nail Biter

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