Wildlife 'Age of Everything' (album stream)

Wildlife 'Age of Everything' (album stream)
Wildlife rang in the upcoming year a bit early when they released "2017" back in the summer, along with the announcement of a brand new album. Age of Everything arrives next week, but you can stream the album in its entirety right now at Exclaim!
The record marks the Toronto indie rockers' follow-up to 2013's On the Heart, and it hears the band embarking on a 12-song "sonic adventure."
The new material hears Wildlife striving to capture a sense of hope in a world where cynicism often prevails.
"Many of us are entrenched in our own nostalgia, grasping at things and feeling and ideas to tie us to a version of the world that makes sense; others live by the un-breaking doctrine that new is by definition better," vocalist Dean Povinsky said in a statement. "Hopefully Age of Everything is a little bit of both."
The group toe the line between those warring perspectives across the dark jangly verses and explosively cinematic chorus of "Dead Century," the softer acoustic guitar-driven "Modern Freedom" and the synth-sprinkled pop-leaning combustion of "Over Now."
Hear the entire record below, before it officially lands on shelves October 14.