Wildlife "Dead Century"

Wildlife 'Dead Century'
Toronto indie rockers Wildlife are ready to follow-up their 2013 full-length On the Heart, and Exclaim! is pleased to premiere their brand new single "Dead Century."
The group's creative juices have been bubbling up over the last few years, and they come bursting forth in the form of an explosive indie rock anthem on "Dead Century." It captures the invigorating energy of the band's live shows, but gets neatly wrapped up in the pristine production of Tawgs Salter.
"'Dead Century' is a song about moving forward through lost time," the band tell Exclaim! "What it feels like to have one foot in an age that no longer exists, and coming to terms with having the other in a world you may never understand."
That sentiment gets explored to the tune of sparkly synths, melodic guitar lines and soaring vocals.
Details for Wildlife's next LP have yet to be revealed, but "Dead Century" serves as a promising primer for things to come. Hear the last couple years' worth of work come to fruition by giving the fresh single a spin in the player below.