Wildlife to Return with 'Age of Everything' LP, Share "2017"

Wildlife to Return with 'Age of Everything' LP, Share '2017'
Toronto indie rock outfit Wildlife released On the Heart back in 2013, and now they're set to follow it up a brand new album called Age of Everything. The LP will land on October 14 and will be welcomed with an album release show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto that same night.
Across the set of 12 new tracks, the band inject their familiar sound with "excitement and innovation," marking the beginning of a new "sonic adventure" for the group.
Vocalist Dean Povinsky wrote a letter to fans, explaining that the new record aims to provide hope in a world that makes cynicism seem like an easier option. He notes that the new batch of songs grapples with a discombobulating modern era that finds his generation torn between nostalgia for the past and fear of the future. His full statement reads:
Writing these songs felt like an exercise to us. It felt like taking a stance. It seemed important to articulate the feeling of right now, to take a kind of brutal stock, but not get lost in being cynical, or sarcastic… Most of all, this music is about change. Changing the way we look at things to adapt to this new world. Myself, and the majority of my friends, come from the last generation of humans who were alive before the digital age created a new god in our image and laid waste to so much, for better or worse, that came before. This is a position of privilege and of damnation. One foot in the old century, where time had remained traceable for millennia; the other in this New Age, where time feels like holding your hand in front of your face forever, looking ever so gently into the next dimension. Many of us are entrenched in our own nostalgia, grasping at things and feeling and ideas to tie us to a version of the world that makes sense; others live by the un-breaking doctrine that new is by definition better. Hopefully Age of Everything is a little bit of both.
The full tracklisting for the record can be found below, while the album artwork is pictured up top. Following up the previously premiered "Dead Century," Wildlife have shared a new single with the timely title of "2017." Scroll past the Age of Everything tracklisting to give it a listen.
Age of Everything:
1. A New Pain
2. Dead Century
3. 2017          
4. Sleeper Hit
5. Minotaur
6. Modern Freedom
7. Impossible Colours
8. Over Now
9. Vermillion
10. Skulls
11. Golden Nights
12. Turning To Stone