Whitney Houston's Creepy Hologram Has Arrived and Twitter Is Pissed

The computer-generated singer is heading out on tour

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 20, 2020

Back in 2015 — three years after the death of Whitney Houston — we learned that thanks to Hologram USA, the singer would be the latest deceased artist to be transformed into a hologram. Then last year, the artist's estate confirmed that the hologram was set to head out on tour in support of a posthumous record of previously unreleased material.

Now, we have a sneak peek of the computer-generated entity — and it's creepy as hell.

Debuting on This Morning yesterday (February 19), the new holographic Whitney performed a section of Houston's "Greatest Love of All" live on air. The footage later made it to Twitter, where most of the reactions have been rightfully distraught, with some users calling the ghostlike thing disrespectful.

The most common reaction among users is that they absolutely do not wish to see the hologram head out on tour — which it is most certainly is doing starting on February 25.

Houston's sister-in-law Pat had previously spoken in support of the hologram, saying, "It's a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come. I look forward to the partnership."

The hologram begins the "An Evening with Whitney" trek around Europe next week. You can see her (its?) upcoming dates here.

But before you buy yourself a ticket, check out Twitter's reaction below.

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