Weedeater's Dixie Dave Is a Cannabis Hero

The metal band explain their love of bongs, why all of their songs are about weed, and their philosophy of "sun yard lay"

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published May 27, 2020

The moniker Weedeater leaves little to the imagination about the strain of metal the Wilmington, North Carolina, band delivers. However, it might come as a surprise that munching edibles actually isn't the stoner band's preferred method of imbibing. We learned that when we got vocalist-bassist "Dixie" Dave Collins to wax poetic on cannabis.

The trio were still riding high on their 2015 album Goliathan when their tour got cut short due to COVID-19 — what a buzzkill. Fortunately, the former Buzzov•en bassist was able to muster enthusiasm for our cannabis questionnaire, which you can read below.

What do you smoke and how do you consume it?

We will smoke any weed. When we have things to do — shows, being awake, etc. — we prefer sativa. When we don't have things to do after shows — trying not to be awake, etc. — we prefer indica. Also, bong hits would be the preferable method.

What do you like to do when you smoke?

Interviews obviously! Just kidding. As a band, Weedeater smokes anywhere and anytime we need to or want to. Personally I follow the teachings of "sun yard lay." I like to feel the sun. And I love to lay in my yard.

What do you think about the recent changes in cannabis culture?

We think weed should have never been illegal. It is unfortunate that the powers that be have not utilized hemp as a sustainable and renewable crop — meanwhile, deforestation runs rampant for profit globally. The fact that liquor is legal and weed is not is ridiculous. That being said, we love whiskey.

Where in your city is great for cannabis?

Reggies! The best place to get fucked up in midtown. They don't sell weed or nothing. They're just a bar. I'm just sayin'. The world has come a long way on this, but North Carolina is still working on it — kinda funny that our state's anti-litter slogan is "Keep NC clean and green."

Are there hidden (or not-so-hidden) cannabis references in your songs?

I believe weed is in everything. Therefore, I believe weed is in all of our songs. Here are some to ponder:

"Hot Doughnuts Now"
This song reminds me of High Times, The Good Shepherd and boogie. Getting very high and writing a song in 36 minutes works sometimes, maybe.

Who didn't smoke weed in high school?

This one has nothing to do with weed and everything to do with weed at the same time. A Southern euphemism, do your homework.

"Hungry Jack"
I was stoned and watched a commercial for biscuits, "and the plate comes back."

"Battered & Fried"
Easier done than said.

"Long Gone"
We recorded this originally for Shifty Records' Crushers Killers Destroyers II. All of the lyrics are about marijuana and, since Muleboy from Bongzilla sits in on this one, I think it speaks for itself.

"Turkey Warlock" This is a song about a sandwich.

These are all some of my favorites.

Who are your cannabis heroes?

Willie Nelson, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Chong and Peter Tosh. In no particular order.

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