Jason... The Dragon

BY Keith CarmanPublished Mar 15, 2011

Inciting another collective "ho hum" from the world of stoner metal, droning dirt bags Weedeater offer up a half-hour of unsurprising sludge on fourth effort Jason... The Dragon. From its ridiculous title through to pointless songs that slap a few riffs together, dole out a touch of hoarse screaming and then peter off, this has to be their laziest effort yet. One imagines that if the trio were to phone it in, that would be a major step up from what we're offensively offered here. Sure, many of the riffs are staunch pieces of brusque metal that allude to great tracks, but more often than not, they devolve into muddy nothingness. Sometimes it's not how great the source material is, it's what you do with it that counts. In the case of Jason... The Dragon, that's not much. Factor in the overuse of filler such as drum solos and acoustic passages, presumably to offer differentiation and dynamism, and it sounds like even these guys don't care so long as it's done. The question remains then: why should we?
(Southern Lord)

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