We Are Scientists


BY Jenna MohammedPublished Apr 24, 2018

We Are Scientists return with their first effort since 2016's Heltzer Seltzer, their sixth studio album Megaplex. Although they have been around for nearly two decades, they haven't lost their charm, and continue to develop their sound through plangent synthesizers and programmed drums.
Unlike their previous albums, Megaplex takes a new direction and mature approach to their style. The entire album has a '80s synth-pop feel to it, leaving you hooked after each track. The electro-pop opener "One In, One Out" is an infectious dance-heavy track. "No Wait at Five Leaves" echoes the punchy synth-pop sound of the Naked & Famous; it's a fun track that feels triumphant. We Are Scientists have evolved their songwriting approach and it shows on "Not Another Word," a track about confronting uncomfortable and difficult moments in life. "KIT" is the only drawback on the album; it sounds weak and thin in vocals, giving off a folk rock feel that does not reflect the danceable mood of the rest of the album exhibits.
Fans of We Are Scientists will appreciate the new direction in crafting a new upbeat dynamic sound, and for new listeners, Megaplex is the perfect introduction to one of the band's most notable releases to date.

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