Danny Elfman's 'Nightbreed' Score Gets Vinyl Reissue via Waxwork

Danny Elfman's 'Nightbreed' Score Gets Vinyl Reissue via Waxwork
After teasing the arrival of a vinyl reissue behind Danny Elfman's score to Nightbreed back in 2014, the horror-lovin' folks from Waxwork Records have announced that they've finally pulled the collection out of Midian.

Going up for sale today (July 7), the vinyl release features the 15-track score composed by beloved movie-music maker Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice), with the symphony and choral pieces conducted by Steve Bartek. A vinyl edition had landed when the film first hit theatres in 1990 but has since gone out of print. This updated edition includes a bonus cut, a western rendition of Elfman's Oingo Boingo song "Skin" renamed "Country Skin" and performed by Michael Stanton.

As with other Waxwork releases, the revamped soundtrack comes with newly curated artwork, which this time comes courtesy of Rich Kelly. The release also comes in two vinyl colourways, with one variation appearing on "Decker Skin Mask with Blood Clot Splatter" and the other on "Boone/Cabal Blue with Cream and White Swirl." You can order either version over here.

Down below, you'll find a full stream of the score, courtesy of Noisey.

Late last year, Nightbreed was treated to a deluxe, director's cut Blu-ray release. You can read Exclaim!'s review of the Clive Barker-directed classic over here.

Clive Barker's Nightbreed (Original Soundtrack Recording):

1. Main Titles / Dream
2. Carnival Underground
3. Into Midian / Meat For The Beast
4. Resurrection Suite / Boone Transforms
5. The Initiation / Scalping Time
6. Rachel's Oratory / Party In The Past
 7. Poor Babette / Uh—Oh…Decker!
8. "Then Don't Say It!"
9. Boone Gets A Taste
10. Breed Love
11. Mayhem In Midian
12. Baphomet's Chamber
13. Farewell / 2nd Chance
14. End Credits
15. Country Skin