Watch blink-182 FaceTime with Mark Hoppus's Mom on Stage

"The horniest thing I've ever done was hang out with his mom," said Tom DeLonge

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 18, 2023

Anyone who has spent time with blink-182's music knows that the pop-punk goofballs never go long without cracking a joke about someone's mom — which is why it's only fitting that the band FaceTimed with singer-bassist Mark Hoppus's mom while on stage Tuesday night (May 16) in Cleveland, OH.

Hoppus and guitarist Tom DeLonge both got on the call, with the bassist telling his mom, "It's me and Tom! Remember this guy — he used to fuckin' sleep at our house, on your floor?" Turning to the crowd, he added, "They signed for Tom's first guitar. Give it up for my mom and my stepdad."

After putting away the phone, Hoppus joked, "I told her never to call me at fuckin' work."

It was nearly a sweet moment between mother and son — that is, until DeLonge told the crowd, "I gotta say though — that's the horniest thing I've ever done, was hang out with his mom. Horniest." Classic Tom.

On Discord [via Reddit user u/HMNITSM], Hoppus explained that his wife Skye had been FaceTiming with his mom during the show when Tom took the phone from her and brought it on stage. See footage from the incident below.

Read Exclaim!'s review of blink-182 recent Toronto show here. The band stayed in Toronto for so long that Travis Barker feels almost like he lives here.

Tom, and Mark's mom
by u/HMNITSM in Blink182

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