Travis Barker Practically Lives in Toronto

And he's so sorry

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 15, 2023

After the first Toronto show of their reunion tour last Thursday (May 11), blink-182 have circled back to Canada's biggest city for a victory lap tonight. Though Travis Barker may have spent more than two nights there in spirit, as he thinks he's a full-on Torontonian now.

Taking to Twitter this afternoon (May 15), the blink drummer simply stated, "I practically live in Toronto." We couldn't tell you exactly what he means by that, but if we have a Kardashian — or discarded sparkling water enema — sighting near the Exclaim! office, we'll know why. 

Of course, before we know whether or not he pronounces Toronto's second "T," his residency status remains pending. Until then, revisit our list of blink-182's 10 best songs.

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