Walk Off the Earth Singer Kicked Off Flight over Her Crying Son

Walk Off the Earth Singer Kicked Off Flight over Her Crying Son
Juno-nominated Walk Off the Earth singer Sarah Blackwood was told to walk off the plane yesterday (May 27) when her kid wouldn't stop crying.
The seven months pregnant singer was ejected from United Airlines flight 6223 from San Francisco because her two-year-old son "could not be secured for takeoff."
After three warnings, the singer was asked by the flight crew to exit the plane.
"We are committed to making travel safe and enjoyable for the families who fly with us," said spokeswoman Marissa Snow [via the Toronto Star]. "For the safety of all onboard, federal regulations require that all passengers be seated for take-off. When Ms. Blackwood was unable to secure her child for takeoff, the crew made a difficult decision to return to the gate. Ms. Blackwood and her son were rebooked on a later flight this evening."
Blackwood took to Twitter, making clear her disapproval of the decision. She eventually arrived in Vancouver, seven hours later than anticipated. According to the Star, Paul William Moore, a passenger on the flight, said that in the 75 minutes it took the plane to leave the runway and return to the airport to remove Blackwood and her luggage, the child in question had fallen fast asleep.

Just recently, United Airlines found themselves in hot water for asking the family of a 15-year-old autistic girl from Oregon to leave a flight following a dispute over the airline's lack of hot food.