The Verve Reunite! Again!

The Verve Reunite! Again!
The Verve's original line-up will reform for three gigs this November in England and Scotland.

In a statement from the band, Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Sailsbury have announced they are back together again for the first time in a decade. The reasoning behind the reunion was "getting back together for the joy of the music." Apparently it has nothing to do with the bundles of $$$ - make that £££ - or the creative lows all four have experienced in their time apart.

Currently, the band are taking a summer break, but will return in the fall to rehearse, as well as write and record another studio album - the first since 1997's multi-platinum Urban Hymns.

This marks the first time all four members have worked together since 1998, when guitarist Nick McCabe left the band due to ongoing creative strife between himself and Ashcroft. It also marks the second reunion for the band, who originally broke up in 1995 after the release of their seminal album, A Northern Soul.

For all the youngsters out there unfamiliar with the Verve, they were the band that should have had the success of both Oasis and Coldplay (combined), and are the single reason the latter band exist and rule the world of sensitive arena rock.

The Verve "On Your Own"

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