Vancouver Noise Punks Shearing Pinx Unleash Weaponry on Two-Part LP

Vancouver Noise Punks Shearing Pinx Unleash <i>Weaponry</i> on Two-Part LP
Vancouver noise punks Shearing Pinx are a central part of the city's burgeoning noise underground, putting out more releases than anyone can keep track of. From CD-Rs and limited cassettes through to actual seven-inches, the band are constantly making it happen at all levels.

Now, the group have announced that they'll be releasing a brand new full-length record. Dubbed Weaponry, the album will be dropping via Canadian experimental imprint Divorce Records. It will be released in two parts, with part one set for release in September.

According to the label, "This LP sets up a classic, demento-tuned twin guitar battle where a nonchalant vocal delivery squares off against the drum set's muscular fake jazz-jizz-isms... William S. Burroughs used a shotgun to create paintings. Shearing Pinx use musical instruments to wound and maim."

The record features artwork from Canadian legend Rick White and is limited to 600 copies. So you might want to pre-order one here.