Shearing Pinx "Untitled"

Shearing Pinx 'Untitled'
Vancouver noise punk duo Shearing Pinx continue to shock, awe and impress with their manic two-piece attack as they spread it across a seemingly endless mountain of releases. The latest on the pile is a split seven-inch with Brooklyn weirdoes Talk Normal due in mid-February from Scotch Tapes.

For Shearing Pinx's untitled cut, they doll out a mid-tempo post-punk anthem that swaps out their cacophonous noise bursts with a heightened sense of melody. Around the two-minute mark, some bizarre underwater-sounding guitars hint at the band's typically strange back catalogue, but comparatively, this is a three-minute pop song more than a free jazz/thrash punk clusterfuck.

Stream Shearing Pinx's untitled track below and head over to the Scotch Tapes store to pre-order a copy of the split seven-inch, which is strictly limited to 300 copies.