Uptights "Edge of the Earth"

Uptights 'Edge of the Earth'
Vancouver record producer Jesse Gander (White Lung, Japandroids) is back at it on both sides of the boards, having used the holiday season to launch his new project Uptights. The West Coast quartet's debut single, "Edge of the Earth," is online now.

Comprising former Falklands singer-guitarist Jason Stevenson, Gander on organ, drummer Barry Higginson (the Doers) and bassist Tyler Mountenay (Parallels), the band pack a punky jangle into their first single. Shimmering six-strings, soul-searching lyrics and a positive pound fill the speakers.

Down below, you can stream or download the song for free via Bandcamp, or catch the song queued up to scenes from 1953 film The Proud and the Beautiful.