Uptights "The Basics"

Uptights 'The Basics'
Vancouver pop-rock combo Uptights have been spending the past year and a half unveiling a series of online singles, which are now being compiled in the physical world for a cassette release. Before you can pop it in your old tape player, they're giving a digital premiere to new tune "The Basics."

The song is a bit dancier than what we've heard from Uptights in the past, with the beat mixing elements of Island funk with UK power pop. A reverb-clang guitar line stabs away in the background as vocalist Jesse Gander sings the virtues of focusing on the positive parts of life.

As before, the band have also offered some vintage movie-sampling visuals for the piece. This time around they've gone Kaiju crazy, with pre-historic turtle monster Gamera shaking his dome around in time to an Uptights groove.

Uptights play a cassette release party at Vancouver's Lido this Saturday (June 11). The six-song tape is being made available via SHAKE! Records.