Twin Peaks' Gear Stolen in Chicago

Thieves took off with 12 pieces of equipment valued at $5,000

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 18, 2019

Twin Peaks have had a trailer full of equipment stolen from them while on tour.

The band were stopped in their hometown of Chicago late Monday night (December 16), when thieves allegedly took advantage of their vulnerable trailer parked outside of drummer Connor Brodner's home near Humboldt Park.

The band had just returned from a long drive from Nashville.

"We had just driven through a storm for eight hours," Brodner Chicago's WGN9. "We normally lock it up in our studio, but we had to be up early in the morning."

According to the network, the thieves used a sophisticated technique to remove the bolts that held the trailer closed by punching them out instead of just cutting them, perhaps indicating that they were seasoned burglars.

The band are less concerned with the costs of replacing the equipment; rather, they're focused on the sentimental value they've lost.

"Cadien [Lake James]'s acoustic guitar that was stolen is his songwriting guitar," Brodner said. "Colin [Croom]'s telecaster was all over Wild Onion and Down in Heaven. It was the thing that introduced him to music. You know, something that's become his life. He said it's like losing a friend, a best friend, he's pretty devastated by it."

Included in the gear stolen is a number of guitars, amps, a keyboard, pedals and many other items of sentimental and monetary value.

Twin Peaks estimate that they lost about $5,000 USD worth of gear in the robbery. They're urging fans to keep their eyes peeled on Craigslist, other resale websites and pawn shops for their instruments in case they can possibly have them returned. 

See the band's Facebook announcement below for more details on the equipment lost.

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