Tool Share Video Teasers Ahead of New Album

Tool Share Video Teasers Ahead of New Album
Hours after footage emerged of drummer Danny Carey hinting at an April arrival for Tool's long-awaited new album, the band have rolled out some visual teasers.

Of course, the ever-cryptic outfit have not included music in their latest looks at new material. But not unlike their last mysterious snippet, the pair feature some wild 3D art.

Metal Injection points out that the first animation is exclusively available to members of the band's Tool Army, which you can sign up for through their website. The band's site is also where listeners can find a second teaser set as the default landing page.

Both teaser videos have been ripped by Metal Injection and are available to view below. 

Tool's new album has yet to receive an official release date. At a fan clinic event last year, the band confirmed that every song on the LP runs over 10 minutes in length.