Today Is the Day Detail 'Animal Mother'

Today Is the Day Detail 'Animal Mother'
Forgive the pun, but today is the day veteran noisemongers Today Is the Day have given us the details behind their previously teased Southern Lord debut. As previously announced, the record is called Animal Mother, and it's now been fit with an October 14 street date.

A press release confirms that the album arrives as a double LP filled with 14 new "dejected and vengeful hymns." Earlier this year, guitarist Steve Austin described the set as a "rampage of bloody carnage fueled by hate, love and vile, raw emotion." At the time, the album was teased to have 15 tracks. It's unclear which song got cut from the final product.

Once again finding Austin tackling production duties, the sessions started last winter with bassist Sean Conkling (Regression, Burn Your Halo, Sprawl) and drummer Jeff Lohrber (Enabler, ex-Harlots) at the band leader's Recording and Mastering Studio in Maine. Austin later tracked his own contributions. While results are said to meld "the dementia" of 1997's Temple of the Morning Star with the "blazing delivery" of 1999's In the Eyes of God, the album is also said to bring acoustic passages and melodic touches into the experience.

Lyrically, it's said that "pain and hate are blatantly abundant" on the release. You can sample a small yet terrifying taste of what's to come in a video trailer featuring progressive doom and gloom sounds and the sight of feasting wolves, creepy clowns and homemade erotica.

More previews are expected ahead of the album's release, with tour dates on the way as well.

For now, see the tracklist below and the cover art, created by Samantha Muljat, above.

Animal Mother:

1. Animal Mother
2. Discipline
3. Sick Of your Mouth
4. Imperfection
5. Law Of The Universe
6. Outlaw (Acoustic)
7. GodCrutch
8. Divine Reward
9. Masada
10. Heathen
11. Mystic
12. The Last Strand
13. Outlaw
14. Bloodwood