Tirzah Shares 'Colourgrade' Remix Album 'Highgrade'

Featuring Arca, Loraine James, Actress and more

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 17, 2022

Tirzah released her wonderful sophomore album Colourgrade back in 2021, and today she's shared a new remix album called Highgrade, which features new takes from Arca, Loraine James, Actress and more. 

Arca — under the name Arca Vortex — takes on the title track, while Loraine James reimagines "Hips," Fauzia revamps "Tectonic" and Actress turns "Sink In" into a ten-minute dance odyssey. 

"The pieces can live another life and come together as a collection of hybrids," Tirzah said about the album. "So very grateful to all the artists. Thanking them all for the music."

Last month, Tirzah shared new song "Ribs." 

Check out Highgrade below. 

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