Arca Shares Fan-Voted "Best Of" Compilation Album 'Kick'

The finale of her 'KICK' series includes three brand new songs

Photo: Unax LaFuente

BY Kaelen BellPublished Dec 9, 2022

If you're a fan of Arca but found her recent output — five full-length albums in two years — a tad overwhelming, she's got you covered. Today, she's shared a new album simply called Kick, a fan-voted compilation of tracks pulled from her previously released five-album KICK series.

The album includes an additional five songs that didn't appear on any of the KICK albums — the previously shared "Cayó" and "El Alma Que Te Trajo" and new songs "Alto Voltaje," "Ritual" and "Sentient Savior."

The new songs were all created during the KICK sessions, and each one represents a different album in the series. "El Alma Que Te Trajo" is a collaboration with Safety Trance (otherwise known as Cardopusher) who also worked on KiCk i tracks "KLK," "Prada," and "Rakata." "Cayó" features additional production from Tim Hecker.

The album was compiled using fan votes that Arca collected via her mutants1000000 Discord channel, and you can listen to it below, along with the tracklist. 


1. Nonbinary 
2. Time 
3. Prada 
4. Rakata 
5. KLK 
6. Tiro 
7. Bruja 
8. Riquiquí 
9. Incendio 
10. Ripples 
11. La Chíqui 
12. Señorita 
13. Mequetrefe 
14. Esuna 
15. Músculos 
16. Tierno 
17. Calor 
18. Lost Woman Found 
19. Xenomorphgirl 
20. Fireprayer 
21. Crown
22. Cayó 
23. El Alma Que Te Trajo 
24. Alto Voltaje * 
25. Ritual * 
26. Sentient Savior * 

* new songs

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