Thou "Eyehatethou"

Thou 'Eyehatethou'
Atlanta cartoon hub Adult Swim are dipping us into murky waters this week, with the latest entry in their ongoing 2015 Singles program coming via Louisiana sludge-flingers Thou. Their new silty stomper, "Eyehatethou," is available for free, starting today (July 27).

It's a pretty vicious, if glacially-paced track. It features thick and ropey sludge licks, brutally smashed snare drums and demon-seed screaming about some sort of nefarious quest. Thou's single might not be as refreshing as, say, a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade, but metalheads looking for an Adult Swim-backed freebie have had their prayers answered.

You'll find a stream of the unholy and ugly number down below.