THEESatisfaction Bungalow, Austin TX, March 21

THEESatisfaction Bungalow, Austin TX, March 21
Photo: Ellie Pritts
THEESatisfaction came onstage at the Bungalow tent so unassumingly that much of the venue didn't seem to realize they'd begun their set. With just a DJ to back them, it was up to the two of them to get the crowd going, and while the fans seemed quiet at first, they must have only been entranced; as the first song finished, they heaped rapturous applause upon Stasia Irons and Cat Harris-White.

Unfortunately, the proximity of other venues meant a little bit of bass bled in from elsewhere, so only those close to the stage got to experience the full performance, but by the time they played early track "Do You Have the Time" for the loosened up crowd, they finally had all of their attention.

Stasia and Cat grooved in unison as they traded rhyming and singing duties, respectively, trading off seamlessly in call-and-response moments throughout the show. "QueenS" was a highlight, as Stasia flexed her singing chops by adding harmonies in the chorus and in monosyllables throughout.
They closed with "Recognition," an mbira-propelled, cosmic piece whose pensive nature might have come off better in a less rowdy, indoor venue, but it's such a good song that it stood tall nonetheless.