Austra, THEEsatisfaction, Cold Specks Members to Discuss Music Industry 'Work' on Toronto Panel

Austra, THEEsatisfaction, Cold Specks Members to Discuss Music Industry 'Work' on Toronto Panel
Canadian Music Week is set to descend upon Toronto next month, giving festivalgoers a seemingly endless selection of bands, films and panels to fill their days with — but the sheer number of options available doesn't necessarily mean that all the bases have been covered.

Toronto-based journalist Carly Lewis noticed a distinct lack of women — and more specifically, women of colour — on this year's program, and has organized a pair of panels of her own to give different voices a platform.

Dubbed Work Work Work Work Work, the evening will feature "frank discussions" that seek to acknowledge women in the Canadian music industry "in a way that is not merely auxiliary."

The first panel will be moderated by Anupa Mistry and feature Cold Specks, Exclaim! hip-hop editor Erin Lowers, Jenna Rogers from Arts & Crafts' artist and label management, and CBC Music associate producer Melody Lau.

The second conversation will be moderated by Sarah Liss and feature contributions from Austra's frontwoman Katie Stelmanis, artist and experimental electronic musician Lido Pimienta, Indie 88 radio host Raina Douris, and solo artist SassyBlack, also known for her work with THEEsatisfaction.

"The erasure of women's work is a problem that perpetuates harmful stereotypes, unequal pay, unhealthy work conditions and the very same sense of unwelcomeness that often prevents women from addressing harassment and abuse," Lewis explained in a statement. "There are conversations that need to be had. Now seems like the time to do it."

The event will take place at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on May 1 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $18 and available here, with proceeds going towards the Regent Park School of Music.