The National Arts Centre Launches Canadian Music Road Trip Festival Guide

Pack your snacks

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jul 5, 2023

The National Arts Centre, which is known for its work in the Indigenous music community, has launched a new website. The aptly-named Canadian Music Road Trip was designed to promote the Canadian music industry and celebrate local artists from across the country. 

Artists in each of Canada's seven major geographical regions have shared personal videos on the platform providing testimonials for the music scenes in their respective regions. Jenn Grant, Celeigh Cardinal, Tom Wilson and the Garrys are just a few of the artists and bands who've partnered with the project thus far. 

A huge part of Canadian Music Road Trip's programming is its festival coverage, which is not unlike Exclaim!'s own Festival Guide. The website hosts landing pages for 36 music festivals spanning all seven of Canada's major geographical regions, including the oft-overlooked Territories, Prairies and Maritimes. 

The Dawson City, Hillside and Vancouver Island music festivals are just a few of the events covered on the platform, which focuses on not-for-profit folk festivals. 
For more details on the Canadian Music Road Trip project and its conception, check out their introductory video below. 

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