Jadea Kelly Gets Jenn Grant, Ken Yates, Zoe Sky Jordan for New Album 'Weather Girl'

Hear lead single "Lake Louise"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 27, 2024

Whitby, ON-born folk singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly has announced her fifth studio album, previewed today by new single "Lake Louise" featuring Ken Yates.

Titled after the nickname bestowed upon her by collaborator and tourmate Ryan O'Reilly, Weather Girl arrives October 11. Kelly experiences debilitating ocular migraines triggered by changes in barometric pressure, so Weather Girl also represents a superhero alter-ego with "the worst superpower ever" — predicting storms with her nausea and headaches.

In addition to Yates and O'Reilly, the 12-track album — following 2022's Roses and 2016's Love & Lust — features guest appearances from Jenn Grant, Zoe Sky Jordan and Erin O'Neill. It also includes the previous singles "Saint Hubert's Eve," "I Hope We Get to Come Back" and "Solo."

"Lake Louise is a gorgeous glacial mountainous lake that I have only ever witnessed in the winter," Kelly explained of latest cut "Lake Louise" in a statement. "The frozen turquoise blue seasonal version of Lake Louise came to mind at the end of a recent situationship. If there are seasons to love, I tend to chase after the arms-length, restricted winter version. You can feel the potential flowing underneath, but they ultimately do not choose you."

Watch a video of Kelly and Yates performing the glassy, reflective track live at the Woodshed in Toronto below, where you'll also find the full album tracklist details.

Weather Girl:

1. Solo
2. Thirteen
3. Lake Louise (feat. Ken Yates)
4. I Hope We Get to Come Back (feat. Jenn Grant)
5. So What If I'm Lonely
6. Start with Sorry
7. Angels
8. Who Wouldn't Wanna Love You
9. Waiting for You (feat. Zoe Sky Jordan)
10. Saint Hubert's Eve (feat. Ryan O'Reilly)
11. Star Sign
12. Without Me (feat. Erin O'Neill)

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