The Holiday Crowd 'The Holiday Crowd' (album stream)

The Holiday Crowd 'The Holiday Crowd' (album stream)
Toronto indie popsters the Holiday Crowd don't release their self-titled sophomore record until next week, but you can stream the album right now in its entirety.
The album hears the band serving up plenty more swoon-worthy jangle-pop, wearing their influences of the Smiths, Orange Juice and the Chills proudly on their sleeves — it's also perhaps unsurprising that singer Imran Haniff and guitarist Colin Bowers first met and bonded over the latter's Stone Roses T-shirt.
The album moves from the twinkling melancholy on drum machine-driven opener "Another Nite" to slightly more upbeat cuts like "Cheer Up" and "Golden Boy," though there are also moments of quiet tenderness like on "Lovers Be Damned," straight-up Johnny Marr homages on "Rosy Lies," and Moz impressions amidst the more than 80 tracks on "Of All Places."

All in all, it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane for any fan of '80s indie, and a lot more fun than you'd expect from a musical pity party.
The Holiday Crowd is officially out on December 9 via Shelflife and will be available on both limited-edition clear vinyl and classic black vinyl (with accompanying download codes). Right now, though, you can give it an early listen in the player below.