The Holiday Crowd "Sick Days" (video)

The Holiday Crowd 'Sick Days' (video)
This fall, Toronto indie pop act the Holiday Crowd followed up their Over the Bluffs EP with a 7-inch containing the new songs "Sick Days" and "Born Under a Different Sign." Now, the A-side has received its own music video.

The song is a new wave-tinged number that brims with jangling guitar licks and mopey, Morrissey-style crooning. Fittingly enough, the accompanying clip looks a little dated with its cryptic, slightly grainy images of birds, a kite, and a woman in a shawl and sunglasses.

On February 18, New Romantic will release an expanded version of Over the Bluffs containing "Sick Days" and "Born Under a Different Sign." This coincides with the European release of the album.