The Distillers Treat Self-Titled Debut Album to Anniversary Reissue

Remastered digital and vinyl versions arrive in October
The Distillers Treat Self-Titled Debut Album to Anniversary Reissue
This past April marked the 20th anniversary of the Distillers' self-titled debut album, and the American punks have now teed up a reissue to mark the occasion.

A newly remastered reissue of The Distillers will arrive October 30 digitally and on vinyl, with further pre-order and pre-save information available here.

"This record is kind of the equivalent of someone reading my teenage diary, except worse," vocalist/guitarist Brody Dalle said in a statement. "Figuring out who I was as a songwriter, but with everyone watching and listening! All of my contemporary (at the time) influences for everyone to hear...[Kim Fuellman's] BADASS bass playing is still a highlight for me, and thanks to Matt Young as well for his enthusiasm and cool fast AF skin beats. The feedback at the end of 'Blackest Years' I did by total accident.... I love this record so much, warts and all."

Dalle and her Distillers bandmates are currently at work on a "masterpiece" new album, set to follow 2003's Coral Fang.

The Distillers:

1. Oh Serena
2. Idoless
3. The World Comes Tumblin'
4. L.A. Girl
5. Distilla Truant
6. Ask The Angels
7. Oldscratch
8. Girlfixer
9. Open Sky
10. Red Carpet And Rebellion
11. Colossus U.S.A.
12. Blackheart
13. Gypsy Rose Lee
14. The Blackest Years