"29 Palms" (video)

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 28, 2016

With Tasseomancy's new Do Easy now officially out, the Canadian dream-folk unit are giving it another push with a new video for "29 Palms."

Described by Tasseomancy's Romy Lightman as "an ode to all the women in waiting for their psychic plumage to arrive," the track gets its fresh set of colourful visuals from Jesi Jordan. Within the clip, it packs in everything in from papier-mâché selves, ballet-dancing clowns and mountainside vistas.

In a statement, the band had this to say about their new video:

The video for "29 Palms" was created by our friend, the very talented visual artist Jesi Jordan, on one of her many worldwide adventures. To us, this song encapsulates so much: written for women; for artists and for any human who has ever felt themselves falling into nothingness while grasping at their own poetic string. Whether it be a loss of self, loss of another or an attempt to create meaning in what has so been recently confirmed to be an unjust and crazy-cruel world. Jesi's video is like a friend who calls us up on the phone early in the morning and gently reminds us that life is not elsewhere but is happening by the touch of our own hand in this very moment and that's all we've got.

Watch the video for yourself below, and read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Tasseomancy here.

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