Sussy "Why Bother?" (video)

Sussy 'Why Bother?' (video)
Victoria-based artist Suzannah Raudaschl is having an incredibly busy month. After premiering the new video from her band Bridal Party, she's back with a brand new video for her solo project Sussy. "Why Bother?" is taken from Sussy's five-song EP Material, which will arrive on February 24 and you can pre-order it here.

The song's accompanying video was co-directed by Sussy alongside Jordan Ettinger, who also produced the vid. It follows the lyrics rather literally as Sussy goes about her day, though it eventually erupts into a fun dance party.

"'Why Bother?' was written during a time when everything was bizarre and nothing made sense," Sussy says of the song. "I was feeling hopeless about my routine and was struggling to see the meaning in an ordinary day."

Watch the video for "Why Bother?" below.