​Stream the New Album by Elwins Offshoot sivarT

Hear Travis Stokl's debut solo album 'Drummer Have Songs'
​Stream the New Album by Elwins Offshoot sivarT
The Elwins drummer Travis Stokl has launched the new solo project sivarT, and he's just unveiled his debut album Drummer Have Songs. It's officially out next week, but you can give it an early listen right now.
The record hears Stokl recording with Derek Hoffman, and the LP came together over a lengthy few years. In fact, he started working on it the week after the Elwins' Play for Keeps was finished back in the spring of 2014.
"Like most people who write songs they keep adding to their own pile and at some point the tunes will feel dried up if none of it is acted upon," Stokl tells Exclaim! "Around that time I was both a little miserable and itching to get going. Between touring with the band and Derek's busy schedule we chipped away at it for a couple of years."
And although sivarT has released other music previously, he notes that "this collection of songs is really the first I've ever done."
After years of chipping away at the record, it's finally finished and ready to be heard.
Listen to Drummer Have Songs below.
The album is officially out on July 15, self-released through the Elwins' own imprint.