​Stream Chastity Guitarist Keegan Powell's Solo EP 'Headspun'

​Stream Chastity Guitarist Keegan Powell's Solo EP 'Headspun'
Keegan Powell is best known for his work as the guitarist in Chastity, but he's set to release his latest solo project, an EP titled Headspun, later this week.
It marks the follow up to Is+Was, which was released back in April, and Powell describes is as a "sister EP."
"I was in the studio recording everything myself, becoming a bit manic and losing perspective a bit on what is important and what's not… I ended up making myself a bit sick and feeling like I was off my head," he tells Exclaim! "Lyrically and thematically Headspun is a document of time of that feeling of false chaos you can create for yourself through life and love."

That sentiment manifests itself in a heavily melodic shoegaze-y sound that highlight his influences like Oasis and My Bloody Valentine.
You can stream the new EP early and in its entirety below.
Headspun is officially out on November 15.