Steve Dawson

Waiting For The Lights To Come Up

BY Amanda AshPublished Feb 5, 2008

For Steve Dawson, learning the pedal steel couldn’t have been more exciting. With this newfound instrument, Vancouver’s folk/blues guru churned out enough material for two albums, the first being Waiting For The Lights To Come Up. If there’s a key selling point for the record it’s the numerous catchy, toe-tapping melodies that streamline every song, making for a tight-knit collection of country twang and bluesy retrospection. "At Arms Length” will give you a little shiver as it travels from haunting riffs to jubilant chorus. "Walking Down The Line” features Dawson’s plucky finger-style alongside an anthem-like fervour, while marching drums keep the momentum flowing in a weary but hopeful direction. And then there’s "Hurricane,” which reaches out with its grungy, electronic-based beats and keyboards in a welcoming gesture, adding that little bit of experimental flair to a classic country number. From top to bottom, beginning to end, Steve Dawson’s Waiting For The Lights To Come Up is enough to keep us waiting for his next masterpiece, Telescope.
(Black Hen)

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