Squarepusher "Stor Eiglass" (interactive video)

Squarepusher 'Stor Eiglass' (interactive video)
IDM guru Tom Jenkinson brought his Squarepusher project back last month with the excellent Damogen Furies LP, and now he's treated the album's "Stor Eiglass" to a new virtual reality music video.

The clip was created by Jenkinson alongside Marshmallow Laser Feast, Blue Zoo and Rob Pybus. It's a three-dimensional video that's best enjoyed if you have access to a virtual reality headset. The video's app can be downloaded for iPhone here and for Google Cardboard here.

That said, you can also watch the video utilizing YouTube's new 360º technology. For the best results, use Google Chrome as your browser, then use the W/A/S/D keys or your mouse to change the perspective as you watch.

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