Sprïng "Yer Chimurenga" (video)

Sprïng 'Yer Chimurenga' (video)
Vancouver post-hardcore noiseniks SSRIs recently rebranded themselves as Spring and promised that their new recordings would feature an entirely different sound. Having made their live debut under the new name, Spring have now shared their first music video.

"Yer Chimurenga" still bears some of the traces of jagged, hyperactive complexity that characterized the band's work as SSRIs. This time, though, the sound is significantly sunnier and more pop-friendly. The accompanying video is a quirky affair featuring some extremely simple animation against a flickering of different backdrops. When the song gets especially trippy and psychedelic during the bridges, the video follows suit with a bright, druggy swirl of colours.

The song is also available as a pay-what-you-want download below.