​Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante Teases New Music

"I think that everyone will be pleasantly surprised this year"

Photo: Jonathan Weiner

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished Jul 6, 2023

Courtney LaPlante, vocalist for Victoria-based metalcore band Spiritbox, has revealed that new music is in the works.

Since the release of the standalone single "The Void" back in April, Spiritbox have been quiet, but when asked in a recent interview with Kerrang! about new music, LaPlante cryptically replied, "I think that everyone will be pleasantly surprised this year," although she didn't share any specifics.

LaPlante also told Kerrang! that Spiritbox don't feel pressured to make their music sound a certain way despite the success of their end-of-year-list-topping 2021 debut album Eternal Blue

"I don't feel like we've been around long enough to disappoint anyone. We are just getting started, and we're still figuring out what we are, and I don't even know if I want to find out," said LaPlante. "I don't care about genre; I just know we like making heavy music with low-tuned guitars. But I'm like, 'Take me or leave me, this is what we sound like.' I feel like a lot of bands are having fun with that too."

While we wait for new material, listen to their latest release, "The Void," below.

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