Soft Riot "Modern Dread" (video)

Soft Riot 'Modern Dread' (video)
Canadian-born, Sheffield-based synth wizard Soft Riot (a.k.a. Jack Duckworth) is welcoming us into his mortifying dreamscape in the screwy new video for his Some More Terror cassette's "Modern Dread."

Early on, the short film has the musician getting back home from a long day of work and chatting up with a mysterious obscured figure. After an awkward exchange, grown more bizarre by a separate subtitled conversation, Duckworth preps himself for bed and a disturbing dream.

Playing out somewhat like the more absurdist Kids in the Hall sketches and a gritty, low-budget Brit sci-fi show from the '70s, the clips ruminates on traffic, late-night burger binges, painted-up ghouls and more.

If you could used Some More Terror in your life, you can catch the odd clip for Duckworth's demented drone piece below.