Snak the Ripper

"Child Abuse (Madchild Diss)" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 5, 2015

Well, the Madchild/Snak the Ripper beef is looking like it might be getting uglier by the day. Last night (November 4), Madchild issued a response to the fellow Vancity spitter's recent "Assisted Suicide" diss track, attempting to merc his rival with a kiss-off called "Funeral." Snak is back on the attack, though, and has quickly issued a follow-up called "Child Abuse." You can hear him chew out the Silver Tongue Devil in a new music video.

While Madchild took a few days to get back to Snak's diss, and alleged that the Ripper had been holding onto his scathing verses for ages, the other rapper reports that he's just a hard-working MC. Quick on the draw, this latest brassy boom-bap cut has Snak describing himself as a BC Lion ready to mangle the Swollen Members' vet.

Throughout, he takes a few pot-shots at Madchild's height ("This is ain't a battle, this is wee man versus He-Man") and his history of addiction, as well as insinuates some sinister sexual behaviour and then ropes Rascalz' Red 1 into the mix with an alleged relationship scandal.

On the visual side of things, Snak is seen hulking out in a junkyard, smashing cars with an aluminum baseball bat.

You can see "Child Abuse" down below. Chances are Madchild is working on his own follow-up right now.

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