Snak the Ripper Sex Machine

Not everyone can hang with R.A. the Rugged Man on a track ― just ask Vinnie Paz ― but Vancouver, BC rapper Snak the Ripper gives it a go, and though Rugged Man outshines him on "You Can't Hide," Snak gives a solid showing. They're a good match, those two hip hop-loving dirt bags. Still, for some, Snak's nasal vocals, which can reach the extremes of Dose One, may take some getting used to. As well, he likes to throw in odd little inflections and delivery, including a well-used, scratchy growl. Still, his witty wordplay will make the transition easier, as should the subject matter. Sex Machine contains some of Snak's usual moments of metaphorical horrorcore tempered by street rap, as displayed on tracks like "You Can't Hide," "Dead and Gone" and the title track, but he uses much of this album to express his life story, revealing a poverty-stricken graff head who lives for the present while trying to build a future in hip-hop. Even his beats are more wide-ranging: "Hit That Shit" is an old school-inspired ode to graffiti; "That's Fine" is an acoustic break-up song; and "Robo Caps" is a double-time dance floor duet with fellow VanCity rapper Chadio. If Sex Machine and his super-group collaboration Brass Tackz are any indication, Snak the Ripper is someone worth keeping an eye on. You're sure to be hearing much more from him. (Camobear)