Small Brown Bike Working on First New Material Since 2003

Small Brown Bike Working on First New Material Since 2003
Here's something notable for both Small Brown Bike fans and anyone disagreeing with our recent opinion on how a little bit of interest in a band - be it reissue or "one-off" gig - inevitably turns into something larger.

The Marshall, MI outfit disbanded in 2004. Due to keen interest in a few markets, they reunited for a gig here or there over the years but have remained relatively inactive.

Then, as noted by Exclaim! this September, Small Brown Bike opted to do a mini-tour around Illinois and Michigan. Now, they've stoked the fires even higher and are planning to write some new material, marking their first batch of new songs since the 2003 full-length The River Bed.

The band's official statement about the expanded reunion:

"We just wanted to add some more details about what's happening. To make a long story short, the original line-up (Mike, Ben, Travis, Dan) is back together and working on new music. Over the last few months we've been writing a ton of new stuff and currently have about ten new songs finished plus a bunch more in various stages. We're all really excited about how it's going. So far, so good! The bottom line for us is to have fun, write music, and play a few shows here and there. Just like we did when we started the band."

While we're not picking on Small Brown Bike, per se, now we can see why so many bands are apprehensive of the term "break-up" and prefer "hiatus" instead. They don't look so stupid when the tears of nostalgia begin to flow.