Small Brown Bike

Fell and Found

BY Ben ConoleyPublished Apr 23, 2011

Fans might be surprised that it's been eight years since Small Brown Bike released The River Bed, before announcing they planned on parting ways. A handful of reunion shows in 2007 caused some to speculate that they might be getting back together, something that wasn't announced until 2009. The product of this reunion is Fell and Found. The album is a fitting return for the band that helped pioneer the Gainesville sound (despite being from Michigan) of post-punk played with rough dual-vocals. It's fair to expect that Small Brown Bike would sound different after eight years apart, not to mention the affects of personal maturity. What Fell and Found ends up being is a fully realized version of what the band may have wanted with The River Bed. It's a more polished version of their traditional sound, with melody often filling in for aggression. While The River Bed was disappointing, Fell and Found gets it right.
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