Small Brown Bike Reveal 'Recollected' Rarities Set

Small Brown Bike Reveal 'Recollected' Rarities Set
Long-running pop-punk band Small Brown Bike amassed some 7-inch material on their Collection release in 1998, but the rarities record is getting reworked for an upcoming set dubbed Recollected that'll have those tracks paired with oodles of demos, covers and alternate recordings.

The two-LP package drops May 7 through Old Point Light and features all of Collected on the first platter, while a number of previously unreleased covers and extras culled from the band's 15-year career fill the second slab of wax. On top of tributary tracks that have the band tackling material from the Smiths, Government Issue and Thin Lizzy, the second LP also offers up alternate and demo takes on their own songs like "Now I'm a Shadow" and "Hideaway."

Old Point Light will offer two pre-order packages for Recollected beginning April 2. One will feature the comp pressed on 180-gram vinyl, while the alternate pressing appears on standard vinyl. Both, however, include the two LPs, two CDs of the material that also offer up five extra songs and a vocal track that couldn't fit on the records, stickers, an old show flyer and more.


LP 1:

1. Mouth of Madness

2. Dull Way Down

3. Take Care

4. Expecting Confidence

5. No Place Like You

6. Slow Time Suicide

7. Bad Anthem

8. The Twenty Sixth

9. Red Light

10. When Added Equals Three

11. Crossing Guard

12. Cold

13. Tough

LP 2:

1. Now I'm A Shadow (Alternate Version)

2. My Unanswered Whys

3. Still Ill (The Smiths)

4. Count Backwards

5. Lantern

6. Thin Life Line (off or on?)

7. Mine Of You

8. Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)

9. Hideaway (Demo)

10. World Caved In (Government Issue)

11. So I Fall (Demo)

Bonus tracks:

- Unsung Zero (Alternate)

- Blank Landscapes (Demo)

- Wrong Homedown (Demo)

- Familiar To You (Demo)

- Atlanta

- (Louie's Vocal Track - Hidden)