Sloan and Thrush Hermit Unearth 1994 Mockumentary Video

Watch an old comedy short from murderecords

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 8, 2021

Back in 1994, Sloan and Thrush Hermit were still up-and-coming Halifax bands and hadn't yet become Canadian rock royalty. Sloan's own label, murderecords, is throwing back to those days by unearthing an old comedic promo video.

The clip features Sloan's Patrick Pentland as a slimy label rep with a headset and frosted tips, and Thrush Hermit stop by for a marketing strategy session (which doesn't go particularly well). Keep an eye out for a quick cameo from Sloan members Chris Murphy and Jay Ferguson.

A description from the label reads, "Some amazing 'fly-on the-wall' footage has been unearthed showing murderecords in its infancy. In early 1994, burgeoning A&R mogul, Patrick Pentland had the Thrush Hermit boys up to his corner office in the murderecords tower for a little marketing meeting ahead of the release of mur004 Thrush Hermit - Smart Bomb EP."

Interestingly, this film bears a strong resemblance to The Office's workplace mockumentary style, even though it came out seven years before that show's 2001 UK debut.

Take a trip down memory lane below.

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